1.) Can you visit the estancia without reservation?
Visits to the estancia are only possible with reservations.

2.) Is the Estancia located near the asphalt road?
The main house is 5 km. away from the asphalt, and the trip is on an all weather road that is trafficable throughout the year.

3.) Do you pay extra for the activities?
ALL the activities are included in the rates.

4.) Is the food homemade?
All the dishes we offer are homemade, cooked in the traditional ovens with wood.

5.) Does the price includes drinks?
All meals include natural fruit juice. It doesn’t include alcoholic drinks or sodas, but guest can take their own drinks.

6.) Do you have sports equipment?
We have foot ball and volley ball

7.) Do you have table games?
We have a variety of table games, such as pictionary, cards, rafties., etc.

8.) Do you have reading material?
We have a small library with books and magazines in Spanish, English and French.

9.) How does the bedrooms look like?
Bedrooms are big, with fans and heaters. All bedrooms have private bathrooms.

10.) Do you have someone who can take care of the children?
We have staff available for taking care of the children.

Kilómetro 141, Ruta 1
Departamento de Paraguarí
Caapucú, Paraguay
Teléfono/Fax: +595 21 605-729
Celular: +595 981 405-020
E-mail: reservas@estanciasantaclara.com.py